Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The main function of the narrative illustrator is to represent, interpret, and heighten the meaning of a selected passage of text (in a complementary way) by means of pictures, with the aim of contributing to the reader's appreciation of the narrative. This usually involves consideration of the setting of place and time and the nature and action of the characters who take part in the story. Pictorial narratives may, of course, dispense with words. My talk today will mainly touch on various elements of narrative illustration and what we often have to consider when we are illustrating texts.

Ganked from http://www.fulltable.com/vts/n/ni/n.htm

Jus' doing a bit of reading.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Charlie The Choo Choo!

Although Blaine seems to be a sentient train, he is really much more, a "ghost in the machine", the artificial intelligence that resides in Lud's mammoth underground computer systems. Over time, as the world has moved on and the computer system slowly breaks down, Blaine becomes more and more deranged.
The crashed blue mono seen from the Send bridge is revealed to have been named Patricia, apparently possessed of a separate sub-personality within the Lud computer. The Patricia personality lapsed into a depression, and could not stop crying. Blaine "liberated" her by removing certain blocks in her programming, and once freed, she committed suicide, derailing herself in the river. It is a sign of Blaine's cruel personality that he finds this amusing.

Ripped shamelessly from Wikipedia.

"... and I will be a happy choo-choo train until the day I die."

the picture I want of Charlie The Choo Choo won't load....uuurgghghghg
 The most iconic Dark Tower image, Roland Deschain sitting on the beach of mid world, with the ever elusive tower in the distance.  Something interesting could be done with the depth of this picture... layering stuff would be neat.
Lovely lovely Dave Mckean

Darrel Anderson illustrations from the 6th book.  Really nice, fractured images.  The perspective on the tower is nice... needs moar 3D

This is so so horrible, this is my anti-inspiration.  Avoid doing stuff that looks this awful at all costs.  Ughghghghghghghghhhh...Sorry Ned Dameron I just.... why is Roland so golden and ... ripped?

He's an old mannn >:C