Monday, 18 October 2010


I could honestly listen to these two songs over and over for the rest of my existence.

Ffff, so obnoxious, the lyrics are truly awful, too. Seriously, though where does Trevor Dunn get off being so amazing at bass, huh? It's inhuman!

  Everything about this song is just so so perfect, to me.  I also really love the artwork for Bungle's self titled album.  I wish I knew who drew it.  Is it meant to be John Wayne Gacy?  It looks a lot like him dressed as pogo. I must know who! I must know who! It freaked me out so much when I was a shitty 13 year old and I refused to listen to bungle for like, 2 years because I assumed they were're a rubbish ska band.  If I could go back in time for any purpose, it would be solely to go and punch 13 year old me square in the jaw for being such an idiot.

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